25 years of Servomold

Develop, grow and change
again and again

The anniversary year 2023 represents a special milestone on our path to success. Together with our employees, we are celebrating 25 years of existence and taking the opportunity to look at both the past and the future of the company.

A quarter of a century of Servomold

25 successful years as a specialist in the development of injection mould solutions is not something you celebrate every day. The Servomold team uses this special occasion for a small but nice summer party with employees and relatives, which takes place on the company premises in Erbach. Surely one or the other guest will also remember the very early beginnings on this day:

In May 1998, Bianca and Thomas Meister founded Exacon Verwaltungs GmbH and offered services related to the design and development of injection moulds from their home in Hiltersklingen in the Odenwald. Still under their management today, the company now has 28 employees and is one of the world's most innovative and efficient developers, manufacturers and suppliers of servo systems for injection moulding.

Changes show the way

The fact that progress and change often go hand in hand is shown by a series of changes of location and name that have accompanied the development from the sparsely equipped but highly skilled "cellar child" of the early days to its current status. The foundation was followed as early as 1999 by the development and patenting of the tunnel gate inserts, the founding of Exaflow GmbH & Co. KG and the move to larger premises in Groß-Umstadt. With the change of name to i-mold GmbH & Co. KG and the next move to Brensbach, which was again due to the lack of space, the distribution of hot runner systems also started in 2004. Five years later, the company moved on to Michelstadt. There, in 2011, Thomas Meister founded Servomold GmbH & Co. KG, whose innovative systems for servo-electric automation of linear and rotating movements in the injection mould were initially integrated into the i-mold product portfolio.

2016 was finally the starting point for the construction of the current, spacious company building on the outskirts of Erbach. 620 m² of office space, including seven CAD workstations, now provide a modern working environment for the employees in development, quality assurance, sales and administration. The production hall with its own machine tools serves to support external partners and shorten delivery times.
In the years that followed, Servomold initially remained merely the brand name of the innovative product line. This changed fundamentally in 2022, after it became clear to Thomas Meister that the future lay and would continue to lie in servo automation. The consequence was the change of name from i-mold to Servomold GmbH & Co. KG.

The focus is now 100 percent on servo-electric unscrewing systems and linear actuators for efficient, clean and safe injection moulding production. Pictured is a mould for a fourfold unscrewing for the Finnish biopharmaceutical company Sartorius.

Continuously towards the future

Today, we are happy with the result that the long road and its twists and turns have led to. Because our role as an innovator in the industry and the successes associated with it ultimately run continuously through Servomold's history like a red thread and create excellent prospects for tomorrow's developments, which our talented and committed employees are already working on today.

Also ensures continuity: son and Project Manager Lucas Meister, left, next to the two Servomold Managing Directors Bianca and Thomas Meister.