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Injection moulding manufacturers share the same requirements across industries for efficient and safe production with maximum process reliability and availability. Servo system solutions tailored to the specific needs of different industries have been our standard for over 900 global applications since 2012.

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Cross-industry servo system solutions

The unthreading of threads by means of rotary and linear motion is used in injection moulding production, from the Luer-Lock adapter to the sealing cap. With the help of servo-electric components and systems, you can accelerate the decisive steps in your process and make them more efficient and safer. Servo technology also scores with speed, precision and 100% controllability in translational movements of slides, cores and platens. Over 20 years of experience in injection mould construction and servo-electric automation help us to recognise the specifics of your industry and quickly develop the optimal solution.
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Medical Technology & Pharma

In the medical and pharmaceutical sector, clean and burr-free processing as well as fault-free functionality are decisive prerequisites for the production of all compo­nents. Our technology supports the industry with the highest precision and process accuracy and can be easily integrated into cleanroom production environ­ments.
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Packaging & Consumer Goods

The world of packaging and consumer goods with its countless colours and shapes requires efficient production with the shortest cycle times, maximum availability and high output. Our servo system solutions optimise injection moulds for the production of caps & closures, for example, and create the perfect conditions for maintaining 100% control in fast cycles.
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Electrical & Automotive

In the electrical and automotive industries, injection moulding applications reach a high degree of complexity and the quality requirements are high. Here, too, our systems and components offer optimal conditions for significantly increasing mould safety and safely designing complex processes through precise, reliable and repeatable movements.

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