Unscrewing units

Unscrewing units


The smooth, fast and clean unscrewing of moulded parts requires powerful unscrewing units that integrate compactly into the mould. Depending on the application, our servo unscrewing units are grouped in different versions.

Servo unscrewing units with spur gears

Offered in different sizes and performance classes -
nest spacing is adapted to your individual needs

Servo unscrewing units with worm gears

Completely encapsulated gear units (worm gear) connected to a servo drive unit SAK via a cardan shaft

Servo unscrewing units for multi-cavity applications

Designed to individual specifications for multi-cavity injection moulds with de-spindle - with one or two gear levels depending on requirements

Turn out more efficiently - single, multiple or hundredfold

Servomold offers suitable solutions from the standard single unscrewing unit to space-saving units with worm gears and complex, high-cavity applications such as 96-fold unscrewing. To ensure the perfect balance between hassle-free integration and efficient power transmission, each gearbox assembly is designed to be as compact as possible.

More power,
less friction

A special feature of the Servomold spindle systems is the decoupling of the thread cores from radial force influences from the drive train. Here, the interaction of pinion, thin-ring bearing, guide thread and spline profile ensures smooth, trouble-free operation with the greatest possible efficiency.



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