Temperature control systems

Temperature control systems


Servomold temperature control systems are used to cool the threaded cores in unscrewing units and enable shorter cooling and cycle times in the mould through fast and efficient heat extraction. The threaded core cooling is available in different versions.

Rotary cooling systems

Rotating union in threaded core with fixed outer body

Fixed cooling

Inner core built into the plate with feed via cooling hole

Efficient, individually configured core cooling

While Servomold threaded cores are cooled in different ways depending on the application, the basic cooling design always consists of a rotating inner part screwed to the threaded core and a fixed outer part with cooling connections. With different dimensions and cooling tube designs through to special solutions, we guarantee a result perfectly matched to every application.

Threaded core systems
made by Servomold

The threaded cores in which our temperature control systems are used are available in various designs and are individually adapted for each application.



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