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The anniversary year 2023 represents a special milestone on our path to success. Together with our employees, we are celebrating 25 years of existence and taking the opportunity to look at both the past and the future of the company.

Once installed, demolded millions of times

Well-established, but far from being outdated, one of the earliest Servomold unscrewing systems - the 8-fold unscrewing unit for the Swiss company Wild & Küpfer AG - has been doing its job reliably for 11 years. After more than 43 million successfully unscrewed molded parts, it is high time to tell a joint success story that continues to this day.

The heart beats for quality

Quality down to the micrometer - our customers have always been able to rely on this. Since July last year, this has also been officially confirmed by TÜV with the ISO9001/2015 certification. But how does quality management succeed sustainably in everyday work? A brief insight into the processes that ensure high-quality results.

How servo technology exceeds the highest requirements

Small impurities, big disaster. In the production of pharmaceutical primary packaging or medical plastic parts such as high-precision Luer lock systems, cleanliness for machine, mold and molded part is not a formality, but a strictly regulated production standard, compliance with which determines the top or flop of entire batches. Nobody wants to have thousands of parts produced for nothing - because of contamination on the screw cap. Servo-electrical automation concepts not only perform translational and linear movements reliably, they also reduce contamination risks to a minimum. But what exactly is the technology behind this? Let's put the servo advantages under the microscope.

3 points where servo drives save resources

Servo technology already performs precise piecework in many areas of modern injection molding processes, whether it's the unscrewing of caps and closures or the closing of lids. For companies that are still hesitating about the investment, it is worth taking a detailed look at the cost savings and concrete advantages in order to make a far-sighted decision.

Is the servo drive worth it?

The world is turning faster every day - this also applies to the cycle times of industrial production. One forward-looking way to keep up with the Speed is to use servo-electric drives for rotational and linear movements in your injection mold tools. But where exactly are the advantages of modern drive concepts and for whom is the investment particularly worthwhile?

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