Threaded core systems

Threaded core systems


From single unscrewing devices to multi-cavity molds, the quality of unscrewed molded parts always stands or falls with the threaded core. Our systems use individualized threaded core systems that are moved via a guiding nut or rotate on the spot.

One-piece threaded cores

Versions as one-piece threaded core system

Threaded core holder

Versions for multi-part systems with threaded core attachment

Threaded core solutions and individualized designs

Servomold threaded cores are installed in numerous different sizes and configurations according to the respective requirements. All important factors such as nest spacing, thread size and cooling are taken into account. In addition to various standard sizes, special dimensions and materials can also be realised.

Integrated cooling for threaded cores

Our temperature control systems integrated in the threaded core make minimal cooling times possible and accelerate your cycles – even in multi-cavity applications.



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