Unscrewing halves

Unscrewing halves

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For high-performance and high-cavity injection moulding applications with unscrewing, Servomold takes on the development and production of complete unscrewing halves – ready-to-use unscrewing units with complete molde plate assembly.

Possible expansion stages for individualised servo screw-out halves


12x unscrewing half

  • Single-stage gear layout with four servo drives for ultra-fast unwinding with high torques
  • Threaded core sleeves with cooled standing core


12x unscrewing half

  • Two-stage gear layout with two servo drives
  • Threaded core sleeves with cooled standing core
  • Sliding jaws with mechanical positive control


8-fold unscrewing half

  • Two-stage gear layout with one servo drive
  • Threaded cores with optimum temperature control through rotary cooling SDG-35


36x unscrewing half radial

  • Two-stage gear layout with two servo drives in gearing mode
  • On the spot rotating threaded cores and 4 push spindles

Complete solution for
tool automation

Servomold unscrewing halves are ready-to-use and tested complete solutions for the safe and efficient realisation of multi-cavity unscrewing tools. The scope of delivery depends on the individual customer requirements and ranges from the simple gear plate to the ejector-side mould half. The required interfaces are coordinated in close cooperation with the customer and enable seamless integration into the overall mould.

The right unit for
every application

Servomold develops customised servo-automatic systems for de-spindle according to specific requirements such as nest spacing and number of cavities.
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